Archery Games – B

Alphabetical List of Games

Balloon Burst – Courtesy of ~ Paul Taylor and Danny Thomas

A game for the field. We use danage bosses with the foam square blocks in our club. The central block was shot out on one of the bosses so this was removed and the resulting hole maintained with a wooden frame – allowing you to shoot through the hole. A balloon was inflated and fixed behind the boss and about 20 cm from the hole – dangled on a string. About 30 yards away and in a moderate breeze, it took a very long time to burst the balloon.

Balloons – Courtesy of ~
One of the simplest archery games and one of the most satisfying for all ages and skill levels is shooting balloons. You can use any size or kind of latex balloon and they are easy to tape to the target. If you are shooting with a youth group you can enlist their aid in blowing up the balloons.

Goodies. Hang a candy or other goodies from strings tied to balloons. Whoever shoots the balloon earns the prizes. You can attach the balloons normally with tape to the ends, or to the target by tying a string around the inflated middle of the balloon and attaching the string to the target or suspend the balloons from a loop of wire such that the balloons fall through when shot. Coupons or raffle tickets can be hung from or inserted in random balloons as well. Items inserted in balloons will be better off if the balloons are inflated with a pump or compressor as inflating them with your lungs makes them very humid inside.

A Pool-like game for 2 people: Blow up 8 small balloons of one colour and 8 of another. Tape them to the target randomly mixed. Toss to see who shoots first. Play in order, one arrow at a time. First-person to hit the colour claims the colour and tries to shoot all the balloons of that colour. The first person whose balloons are all shot wins. Accidentally shooting your opponent’s balloons counts in their favour. You can vary the game with pool-inspired rules, such as getting to shoot again if you make your shot; by mixing in some white balloons, which, if hit, count as a scratch, or adding an 8-ball balloon that has to be shot last to win, and scratches if you miss.

Battleships – Courtesy of ~ Paul Taylor and Danny Thomas

I made up this game about 4 years ago to keep Kathryn Taylor entertained and motivated. It’s quite simple with a face of 144 small targets (Archers Advantage scaled faces) printed 6 to an A4 sheet and then taped together.
In games much like you all played at school, I hid my fleet, drawn out on a 12×12 grid, Kathryn shoots an arrow and is greeted by ‘BOOM’ or ‘PLOP’ depending on whether she hits a ship or not. I tell her what ship she’s hit and she then works out where the rest of the ship is and tries to sink it. We use post-it notes to mark the hits and misses.
When she was young she had to hit at least 7 to score a hit (at 10 metres minimum AGB Safe shooting distance), now she must score at least 9.

A=Aircraft Carrier

BlackjackCourtesy of ~ Laura Quantrill
21 challenge the archers to try and score as close to 21 points as possible without going over whoever is closer in a pair of wins. You could say a double yellow from 2 arrows is an automatic 21 even if it doesn’t add up because that’s pretty impressive especially if they are beginners.

BowlingCourtesy of
Shoot at a regular 10 ring target. 10 is a strike. If you miss the 10, you can shoot the ring that will make your score add up to ten as a spare. So if you hit a 6 you have to shoot a 4 to pick up the spare.