Archery Coaching

aim4sport 1 to 1 archery coaching


Archery Coaching….

Here at Aim4sport we are able to offer a wide range of archery coaching to suit your every need. Whether you are a beginner just starting your journey into the archery world, or a seasoned veteran the coaching staff will be on hand to aid your improvement.

Lessons start at £30. However if you are looking to save a little, why not take advantage of the group lesson facility…


coahing 6 lessons for price of 5


For only £150 you can purchase a group of 6 lessons for the price of 5. The lessons and be taken over a 6 month period (Must be taken within 6 months of purchase. Any lessons that are not taken in this time period will not be honoured). You can have a 1 or 2 hour session to start off with, highlight some areas that the coaching staff feel that you can improve. Go away for 2-3 weeks and practice and when you are ready you can book up another lesson to suit you.

This has proven very successful in the trials and we now would like to make it available to you all.

A typical first lesson would be to first check the set up of the bow. Archer observation and suggestion on improvement, both by demonstration and oral explanation. This would be a one to one session.

Following lessons would be a continuation on the first, working together on any improvements that could make the difference to improve your shooting.

New Video available 4 images of same shot at the same time.

Aim4sport also has available the excellent “DARTFISH” sports video software which would allow you to see the improvements required for yourself. The sessions would include an in depth video session which would culminate in a CD being produced with the hints and tips available for you to watch at your leisure.  A great adition

For more information please call the shop on 01767 699991…


Bow Tuning…

At Aim4sport we have the expertise and know how to tune your compound or recurve into your own unique style of shooting. Your bow is like a Taylor made suit and needs to be altered and changed to suit your individual needs.

The cost of the tuning is £30 per hour, and we will cover the following in your personal tuning session:-

Compound Set Up

Attach Launcher.
Set nock point.
Tie D Loop.
Laser Line the Arrows.
Fix and secure peep sight.
Secure and align Sight.
Adjust Weight to Archer’s preference.
Advise on Arrow choice.
Help with Paper Tune.
Record Arrow Speed.
Recurve Bow Tuning
Basic Set up Bow.
Check Tiller and Align if necessary.
Align Arrow.
Position & Set Button.
Balance Bow.
Advice on Arrow Choice.
Bare Shaft or Walk Back Test.
Advice on Shooting Technique.

Why not give the shop a call and book in a session on 01767 699991…