Bow MOT Service

You’ve spent ages tuning your bow and things still aren’t working…

You’ve decided to start shooting again after a long time away…

You’ve acquired some kit second-hand and you want to know its condition… When you shoot, your equipment just doesn’t sound or feel quite right…

Use Our Bow MOT Service

Our team of experienced and professional technicians will thoroughly review the condition, set-up and general maintenance of your equipment.  Your kit will be checked not only as stand-alone items, but also as set-up as a whole. 

You will then receive a detailed report categorising each item and your set-up as follows:


Individual Item

(eg limbs, riser, sight, rest, button, stabilisers, string, cables etc)


(considered as a whole)


Full working order, no missing, damaged or broken parts. Your bow is set up the best it can be without you physically shooting it and tuning it. All MOTs come with a confirmation of the draw weight for your draw length, estimated arrow spines* for your poundage and draw length and a recommendation on string length, strands and brace height as well as a detailed list of things that require alteration, repair or replacement.
Item still works, but not optimally You’ll need to replace or repair this in the next 3 – 6 months. You need to tweak/change minor items if you want to be at the best starting point for tuning.

The item is broken beyond repair or dangerous. 
Do not use it.

You need to replace or repair major items before you can start shooting/tuning.

We also offer a full Arrow Matching Service (AMS) , archers using this service and purchase the arrows from us, we will refund 50% of the AMS cost against the purchase of your arrows..

How Long Will it Take?

A full MOT of a complete set-up takes approximately an hour.  If you have booked a slot we can do it while you wait or leave the equipment with us.  We can often handle ‘walk-ins’, but please be aware that at busy times (eg weekends) we may not be able to MOT your kit straight away and you may have to leave it with us.  To post your equipment to us, please contact us for advice.

What’s Next?

After receiving a copy of your equipment’s MOT report we will discuss with you how you want to proceed.  We offer on-site repairs, replacement parts or whole items of kit and/or arrow matching, assistance tuning or coaching.  All follow-on services are specific to the individual archer, your requirements and your budget.  All coaching and tuning services are available on a one-to-one basis.

What Does it Cost?


Bow and Ancillaries

Bow, Ancillaries and 12 Arrows










Set of 12 Arrows




Price of part minus 10%


£22.50 per 60 min then £11.25 for subsequent 30 min periods**

Arrow Matching Service

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Coaching/Tuning Session – in person

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Coaching – virtual

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Limb Exchange Programme

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** Normal labour charges are £30/60 min and £15/30 min.  There is a minimum labour charge of £30 (£22.50 after discount).

To book or make enquires please contact us on

01767 699 991

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