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One of the major issues archers have is the advancements in technology which are improving arrow speed, and the Aim4sport Arrow Matching Service fills this gap.  It is getting more and more difficult to match arrows to the archers’ needs. Either the arrows are too stiff or too weak. Aim4sport now has the facility to match a range of Easton arrows to your current bow set up with a bespoke arrow matching service.

How does it work ?

We take you out onto our outdoor 90m range and you shoot the closest spine and arrow length for your current set up at about 30m to 50m (depending on a senior or junior shooting).  We look for the best arrow flight we can get from your current set up.  If the arrows fly incorrectly we have a range of arrows to increase or decrease the arrow spine, or arrow length.  We keep looking for the best arrow flight and once selected, we will have the length and spine for your next set of arrows.

Why is it important ?

In this day of modern technology, the chances of just using the Easton arrow chart to work out what spine arrow is left is difficult at the best of times.  Being just one spine out will make a difference to your grouping.  Making sure you can achieve good arrow flight the results will give you confidence in your equipment.

What arrows can I test?

We have a range of Easton arrows available. The following tables show the make of arrow, spine and arrow length:-

Easton ACC


Easton ACG


Easton ACE


Easton X10


What’s the cost ?

The service costs £60 and will last between 60 to 90 minutes.  Once selected you can come into the training centre and select the arrow set up (nocks Fletchings, piles etc.) for your new set of arrows.  We will then give you a £30 discount off the arrow set that you purchase from us.

Can I take the arrows away the same day ?

It will depend on how busy we are, however we will make every effort to have the arrows nocked, cut and piled for you same day.  If you wish to have spin wings, eli vanes, xs wings fitted, this may take a little longer to complete for you due to the time it takes to fletch and will incur an additional charge.  Arrows in this instance would be posted to you.

Do I need to book ?

Yes.  the process can take upwards of an hour and we want to give you the time the process requires.  Its a lot of money that you are paying out we want to make sure you end up with the correct product.

How do I book ?

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So does this service really work ?

We have testimonials coming in all the time.  Please click here to read through our happy customers.