Arrow Matching Service Testimonials

This is just a few of the satisfied customers that have tried the service and have enjoyed the results.

When it comes to buying arrows/shafts some may find it a mine field. I consider myself fairly up on bow tuning and shaft selection, however, the Easton spine charts although are a good guide, they are just a guide. 

Individual archers will give different advice for the same question – what spine shaft do I need ? I was shooting Easton acc’s with a spine of 620. They flew good enough and grouped OK. I was, however, getting low on arrows and needed to buy new ones. Having got to a level where I was competing at county level I felt that Easton ace’s was the next step for me. Now these are pricey so I wanted to buy the right shaft for my set up and shooting style. My initial thoughts were a 570 spine on the ace’s so I saved my money and was set to buy some. 

This is where it got interesting. Having bought a new sight at Aim4sport and wanting to order a set of shafts, I was advised that if I wait a couple of weeks, there would be an opportunity to try different spine arrows and at different lengths. As it happened two months passed before I was ready to try a new service that Aim4sport offered – and thank goodness I did ! I rang up to ask to use the service of try before you buy arrows so that I could get the right spine and length arrow before I spent hundreds of pounds. I was going to buy 570 ace’s but after trying the different spines I found that 470’s flew so much better with my style and set up. 

So for £30 I got to try whatever shaft length and spine I wanted, no question no quibbles, in fact they couldn’t have been more helpful and instead of just buying the shaft off the shelf and it actually being wrong I was able to buy a spine I wasn’t even gong to consider. I was so glad this service was available and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to upgrade their arrows and in need testing before buying, it saved me a small fortune!


PS I robin hooded one last week so the groups are certainly tighter ! And managed a 3rd at the EMAS inter counties so well chuffed 

James from Lincoln