Limb Exchange Programme

LimbExchangeBanner_960x300The Limb Exchange Programme is a great way to build up your poundage in a controlled way without costing you loads of money, or if the jump in poundage is too large, avoiding serious injury.

We have listed a few questions that you maybe thinking of.

Q. OK So What’s This All About?

A. As am archer that wants to improve their shooting and it is all too easy to purchase a set of limbs to shoot that are too heavy to draw and the archer then suffers as 2 things will happen,  1) the archer will be shaking under the weight of the draw and more importantly 2)  the archer could injure themselves.

The Limb Exchange Programme allow the archer to slowly and safely increase the poundage drawn and keep the archer confidence in the equipment they are shooting.

Q. What limbs are included in the Limb Exchange Programme ?

A. We currently have the following Limbs :-
Samick Privilege
WNS Explore or equivalent
No other limbs are included at present within this Limb Exchange Programme

Q.  What happens if the limbs are damaged ?

A. If the limbs come back in a worse condition than they were taken the user will have to pay for a new set of limbs and the timing on the Limb Exchange Programme would not be affected.

Q. How long does the Limb Exchange Programme last for ?

A. The programme will last for 12 months.

Q. How many exchanges can I make ?

A. You can make as many exchanges within the 12 month programme as you want to and the exchanges can be to increase or decrease the limb size and also increase and decrease the poundage of the limbs.

Q. What happens when the Limb Exchange Programme expires ?

A. If you have not reached your competition weight we can offer you  2nd year where you can exchange your limbs as many times as you like free of charge.  The cost of the 2nd year will be £75 for the year.

If you have any other questions regarding the Limb Exchange Programme please call us on 01767 699991 and one of our staff members will be only to happy to help you.

Q.  Does the Limb Exchange Programme apply to Kits bought on the web site?

A.  Simple answer is Yes.  The Limb Exchange Programme  does apply to web site Beginners kit purchases.  It will also cover any combined limb and handle purchases made at the same time…

If you have any other questions please send it through by clicking on Contact Us…..