Realistic goal setting Part 1 – By Iain Wilson

Did you know, that most people spend more time planning their annual holidays than they do their working lives or […]

European Masters Games – Wendie and Tony on tour again!

This time, last year, Wendie was gearing up to travel to Italy to take part in the European Masters Games, […]

My Mental Health and Archery – by Jenny Collins

Some of you will have met me on the shooting line over the last couple of years and some of […]

How we beat lockdown pt 2 – by philippa lowe

Following on from the last article I’d like to share some of the weekly challenges I set the group through […]

Food and Drink Part 1

We have given the blog quite a bit of thought over the past few weeks and the topic of what […]

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Fat v Thin, ‘O’ what to shoot indoors.

Fat v Thin, ‘O’ what to shoot indoors. This is another great topic to put out there which is as […]

Equipment V’s Coaching

Equipment V’s Coaching It’s coming up to that time of year where all of the archery gods (well manufacturers anyway) […]