An AGB Ambassadors Tale – by Jack Sharpe

The end of March 2021 will see the second year-end in my role as an AGB Ambassador. This has made […]

Archery (or lack thereof) in the middle of a pandemic… – By Adam Trott

I have shot 5 arrows since September 2020. Reading that back is shocking. Had you told me a year ago […]

Why support matters – The thoughts of a visually Impaired archer – By Deb Wright

I had to stop shooting In May 2019 due to severe pain in my left elbow and pins and needles […]

What if resisting change means having to quit? – by Helen Sharpe

I signed up to my beginners’ course in January 2018, knowing at the same time that I would have a […]

Motivation through Lockdown – by Holly Hunter

As someone who has always struggled with motivation, lockdown has not been easy for me. The thing I most enjoy […]

Imagery and visualisation – By Iain Wilson

How many times have you thought, when somebody mentions this imagery and visualisation stuff, that it’s only for those really […]

You only have archery in your life !! – Helen Sharpe

Approximately 18 months ago, as I sat amongst the parents as our children were all in their coaching session, another […]

Women in Sport – By Philippa Lowe

Listening in on the AGB “engaging women in sport” webinar really got me thinking.  A presentation with this title shows […]

25 is the new 50!!?? – By Wendie King

Those of you that know me will know how I bang on and on about masters archery competition, or the […]

Rose’s Aim4sport ambassador message – By Rose Sharpe

Hello everyone,  I just wanted to send a quick message as I am thinking of you all as we sit […]