Aim4sport Indoor Grand Prix

Aim4sport Grand Prix

We have been trying to come up with a competition that would be different, interesting and keep you all guessing…. Well we think we have found it.

The results table can be found Here.  The results table will be updted on a regular basis, so please check out

Aim4Sport Archery Grand Prix

We have decided to hold an indoor competition which will run over the indoor season from 1st October 2015 to 31 March 2016.

On Line Entry Form to complete, click here

The rules for this shoot are as follows:-

There are three main category’s recurve, compound, and traditional. Traditional will cover longbow, American flat bow, horse bow, wooden hunting bow,

The rounds will have to be shot at the Aim4sport premises during normal hours ( club members can shoot in the competition during the indoor club sessions on a Sunday).

There will not be a gender split so the Gents will shoot against the Ladies. If we have enough junior entrants then we will set up a junior competition, however we will require a minimum of 6 entrants for the bow style to be set up.

You will shoot a total of 6 rounds (2 x Portsmouth – 2 x Worcester – 2 x WA 18). (3 spot WA and 5 spot Worcester faces available for compound archers). The rounds can be shot in any order.

When you decide to shoot a round, a score card will be signed and dated by a staff member before shooting. Whatever you shoot on that day will be entered.

You will be allowed 6 sighters (5 sighters for a Worcester) for the round and then you are able to start scoring.

The round will have to be crossed scored in the usual archery method.

The score will have to be recorded on the sheets given at the actual time you shoot the round. You cannot transfer over the score from any electronic device and have a member of staff sign for it.

If you don’t hand the scorecard back into a member of staff on the same day as it is shot a value of 0 will be recorded against that round.

You can only shoot 1 round per day, and the first 3 rounds have to shot before 31st December, with all rounds completed by 31st March

If you have any rounds outstanding on the 31st march that have not been shot then a score of 0 will be entered against these rounds.

As you will not know who is in the lead until all of the rounds have been shot, a results table will be maintained on the Aim4sport web site. Whilst the results table will show hits, golds, total score and the number of rounds left for the archer to shoot, it will not list the type of rounds left to shoot.

For each bow type agreed and set up before the start date, there will be the following prizes:-

1st £100 in aim4sport e-vouchers

2nd £50 in aim4sport e-vouchers

3rd £25 in aim4sport e-vouchers

All vouchers send will be valid until 30th September 2016.

Everyone that enters will receive an e-voucher that will allow them to receive 5% off any on line purchase over £50 or 10% off any on line purchase over £100. You will be able to redeem the voucher any time up to the end of the competition (31st March).

Cost to enter £30. (£5 per round and this includes score card, range time and target face).  This can be paid direct to aim4sport, over the phone once your entry form is received.

Competition organisers decision willbe final on any issues raised from the shoot.

To book in Call us on 01767 699991