Archery P.R.I.D.E. Seminar

Dates for next course – Friday 14th to Monday 17th July

What is the Archery P.R.I.D.E. seminar about?

The Archery P.R.I.D.E. Seminar has been set up to offer archer the opportunity to help improve all aspects of their shooting, whether it is Technical, Exercise, Mental, or Physical. Whether you are just starting your archery journey, or have been shooting for a number of years, recurve or compound, we have over 65 years worth of archery experience to help you.

What does P.R.I.D.E. Stand for?

  •  Performance
  •  Research
  •  Improvement
  •  Development
  •  Education


How long will the seminar be?

There will be a number of sessions which will be run from Friday lunch time, through the weekend to Monday Lunchtime.

What will be covered in these sessions?

  •  Bow MOT
  •  Video Analysis
  •  Warm up and Skills
  •  injury prevention and fitness
  •  Bow Tuning
  •  1:1 Coaching
  •  Competition shooting
  • Evening Seminar on Saturday Evening with Guest Speaker
  •  How to shoot adverse conditions
  •  Classification information
  •  Goal setting
  •  imagery and Visualisation
  •  Action planning

Will there be any accommodation?

Yes we have set up Beds and Breakfast with a local hotel, Lunch will be provided, as well as an evening meal. All of this is included in the cost of the weekend.

I live close enough to the venue to travel. Do I need to stay over?

That’s fine. We have a price for the weekend that does not include accommodation, however lunch and dinner is an integral part of the course and we believe that the conversation around these times can be invaluable.

What is the cost of the course?

  •  With accommodation the course will be £395 Per Person.

  I shoot 2 bow styles can I bring both to the sessions?

 We would be grateful if you can keep the weekend to a single bow style. We would want you to get the maximum out of the weekend with your preferred bow style.

 What do I need to bring?

  • As you will be working with a nominated coach please can you ensure you bring all of your equipment for the bow style you are working on over the weekend.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing new arrows, hold fire until we have been able to access draw length and poundage checks, as there may be a couple of alternatives that may suit your shooting requirements.
  • The training sessions will be carried out on various ranges within the training centre, whether we complete a tuning session on the outdoor range, or close up technical work in the training centre.
  • With video recordings, it will be an advantage if ladies have a halter-neck top or a low back swimsuit to wear.
  • Notebooks, pen, memory sticks, lecture handouts and a folder to keep all of your information together will be supplied.
  • If you are currently working with a coach and have a current programme that you are working to, please bring along the programme so we can use this as a starting point and see how you have been progressing.
  • As we are in the UK the weather can be an issue. Please can you make sure that you bring appropriate clothing to shoot.
  • Please bring footwear for both indoor and outdoor use as per rules of shooting (No opened toed shoes, sandals, or flip flops).

How do I book onto the Seminar ?

We try to keep the numbers low so you receive the information you need so we only have 9 spaces per course.  If you are interested Please call 01767 699991 for dates, cost and to book your place.