Motivation through Lockdown – by Holly Hunter

As someone who has always struggled with motivation, lockdown has not been easy for me. The thing I most enjoy about archery is the competitions; the sociability of it as well as the drive that it gave me to do my best and win. Therefore, the cancellation of the outdoor 2020 season brought me to the uncomfortable question: why do I do what I do?

Before the pandemic, all my practice sessions & all the S&C was with the knowledge that I would benefit from it at my next competition. However, now that the next competition was not only taken away, but gone for the foreseeable future, I had to readjust my outlook on ‘the boring bits’. To me, and I’m sure I’m not alone, blank boss in my garden or garage isn’t exactly why I devote a large part of my life to archery! So, I had to make it fun. I began using targets with snooker balls on them, playing games like shooting the balls in colour, number or height order.

Along side that, I began to integrate more band work into my S&C routines, as I now no longer had access to a gym. Not only did I find this more enjoyable than other forms of exercise such as using free weights, I was then also able to bring more variety to my workouts.

I will be the first to admit that I have struggled this last year to maintain a consistent level of motivation, with my hard work seemingly having no short term gain and the long term becoming longer and longer as this pandemic carries on. However, my best advice would be: create a timetable to break up your day, as this will not only benefit your archery but also your life in general (as much as we would all love to sit in front of the TV all day, even that can become monotonous and boring!) and most importantly, make it fun! Listen to music, watch YouTube or TV, play games in your head or with the people in your bubble. As easy as it can be, you can’t give up hope.

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Holly Hunter has been shooting compound for 6 years, quickly becoming Sussex outdoor champion. Alongside that she has achieved JMB and medals at national competitions such as JNOC and Youth Fest.

With goals of shooting for her country, she plans to begin attending and shooting for her university in September.