Did you check your score ????

Did you really check your score properly at your last competition and make sure that the scores tallied up to what you had ??  No ….. shame on you.

It is one of the basic fundamental rules of shooting competition to make sure that you have checked the score .  You have been shooting for hours, in all types of weather.  You are hot and thirsty, tired from the days activity, and it all goes to pot,  all the training, self sacrifice, all of those 100’s, 1,000’s of practice arrows and to find it’s all been in vain. Why, because you have signed for a score that was incorrect. This happened in the last archery world championships to one of the greats in the compound world…..No less than Rio Wilde.


US compound archer

US compound archer Rio Wilde

When recently signing for his score, Rio signed for 242, instead of the 342 that he had actually scored. This dropped the US compound team from top spot to well outside the top 20.
It shows that even the archery gods (from my mere archery proficiency) are human and can make the most elementary of errors, but that can have the most profound results.  We have obtained a copy of the offical score card that was signed for and submitted


Moral of the story, if you are shooting in any type of competition:-
• Make sure you keep a record of your own score (even if you add up the end totals at the end of the shoot the arrow values are the most important).
• Add the score up and don’t be hassled by anyone on your target to “hurry up !!”
• Take your time as you don’t want to make a mistake that could cost you a place or 3 in the results sheet.
• Check the total score and end totals with the person scoring your target.
• ONLY when you are happy with the score do you sign you score card.
Hope you find this information helpful and please keep an eye open for aour future posts and blogs.
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