Sophie Brown

How long have you been shooting?Sophie Brown
I have been shooting since September 2003

What discipline do you shoot?
I have always done target archery

What got you into archery?
My brother done it and I got bored of watching so as soon as I was old enough I started shooting myself.

What do you enjoy about shooting?
The social side is great I travel all over the UK which means I get to see a lot of people that I only get to see at archery that I would have not have met if it wasn’t for the sport.

What bow style do you shoot?
I shoot compound but I did shot recurve for the first couple of years of my shooting until I could no longer reach the necessary distances my coach at the time gave me two options give up or go to compound I knew what I wanted to do.

How often do you shoot?
I shoot at home at least two times a week and in the summer have 3 weekends of competitions a month.