Sophie Cole


How long have you been shooting?

11 years.

What discipline do you shoot?

I shoot both target and field archery. I originated from field archery and hold World, European and national  IFAA records in my division as a cub (under 12) and Junior (under 17) archer. I have travelled to many different countries such as Argentina, Finland, Estonia, Germany and Sweden competing in international field events. In target, I became part of the pilot archery GB academy when I was 16 and was on the performance programme for four years.

What got you into archery?

My best friend at school, Daisy Clark introduced me to archery when I was ten years old. She recently had joined an archery club and wanted a friend to take part in archery with her. Within a year, we were both off to Finland for our first international IFAA competition at the age of 10.

What do you enjoy about shooting?

I enjoy the fact that I have many archery friends across the country and has given me the chance to make friendships with people from other countries. One of my archery friends lives in New Zealand. I enjoy the feeling you get when your shot and technique is flowing.

What bow style do I shoot
Sighted recurve.

How often do I shoot?

I aim to shoot five days a week. Tends to vary between target practice and shooting on animal faces around the woods!