Shaimaa Abdelhalim

What got you into shooting?
I first got into archery in 2012, when my mum took me to an archery taster session as a surprise for my 8th birthday. Initially I had wanted to do archery because I’d seen it in many movies like the hunger games, Disney’s film Brave, and other movies which inspired me to pick up a bow and learn to shoot.

What are your goals and ambitions?

My short term goals are to improve my strength, stamina and technique in order to progress and achieve higher scores so that I can win important national tournaments like key events, and also do well in selection shoots so that I have the opportunity to shoot abroad and represent GB as a cadet. Long term I want to be a part of team GB and represent the country at senior international competition.   

Best archery achievement?

My best achievement is probably winning a bronze medal at the junior national championships Under 16s, and being selected to represent GB at the European youth cup in Slovenia in 2019 as a training trip.   

What is the best part of archery for you?

The best part of archery for me is the feeling of beating my PBs and scoring higher, and seeing the improvements that come after working hard. The feeling of beating your own scores or winning tournaments or matches that were a challenge is what makes it worthwhile.  

What do you enjoy most about being a sportsperson?

What I enjoy most is definitely being able to put myself out of my comfort zone in a way which wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t do sport. Whether it’s in a head to head, a team round or even at the gym, trying to learn to cope in situations which make me nervous has been the best thing about sport in terms of self improvement. However archery is also a really fun and therapeutic way for me to spend my time when I am training alone.  

What is your current training program?

I shoot 6 times a week, (at club or at home depending on the season and situation), go to the gym once a week but do a form of S&C or strength training four times a week at home, and do bow drills three times a week.   

Do you do anything outside of archery?

I like reading, drawing and going to the gym or going out with friends.