Meghan Robertson

What got you into shooting?

When I was 5 years old, I watched a disney film that got me interested in Archery. After that, my dad and I made my own bow out of bamboo, string and the arrows were made out of newspaper with PVA glue around it to make them stick together. A few years later when I was 9 I watched another film (the Hunger Games) and I wanted to start Archery properly, instead of shooting a bamboo bow. Sadly, I had to wait until I was 10 years old to join a club near where I live.

What are your goals and ambitions?

  • To continue growing with coaching after NTDP & ATC.
  • To beat my PB indoors and out
  • Shooting 60m and further distances.
  • Getting onto the Orangery again at the Youth Festival.
  • I hope to be invited to profiling at Lilleshall.
  • Continue to improve my technique and get stronger.

What is your current training session? (Arrows a day / Gym)

I shoot whenever I have free time and as much as I can. During school, every other Tuesday I usually take a day off to go up for coaching at Aim4Sport or go to my club and shoot for as long as I can.

I aim for 500 arrows and over a week, my highest being 700+.

During Sport or dance classes at school, the teachers allow me to do my strength and conditioning exercises, which I also do at home once I’m back from school most days. 

I have just recently got a gym pass to use locally.

I have made some great friends and love shooting with them.  I love competing against others and learning new techniques through training. I really love travelling around the country to different shoots, as well as driving up to Aim4Sport for coaching and other activities they hold up there.

What do you do outside of Archery?

I play guitar and try to teach myself some songs just by listening to the tunes. I really love going up to a rifle shooting club to shoot with my dad. I’m not that good with a gun yet, but it would be nice to improve with that as well. I also do voice overs, podcasts and everything to do with acting over the internet, I’ve been doing that for a few years now I would love to be professional with that too.

What are your best achievement’s?

  • First competition ever in February 2016 and won a gold medal using Barebow under 12s even though I only started shooting in September 2015.
  • Surrey junior open championships 2016, Gold medal for Barebow under 12s
  • CSAA junior champion 2019
  • CSAA metric girl 2019
  • CSAA over all Girl recurve
  • Achieved a JMB in 2017 (Barebow) then 2019 recurve.
  • I achieved most of the Junior Rose awards as a Barebow archer.
  • My Junior National ranking is 33, for recurve I am now 55 in Surrey.
  • Shooting 50m for the 6th time at YouthFest 2019 and shooting on the Orangery in the finals with my team.

What are your current achievement’s?

  • Junior Rose (White) 2016
  • Junior Master Bowmen U12 2017
  • 6 Gold end 2017
  • Junior Rose (Blue) 2017
  • Junior Rose (Red) 2017
  • Junior Master Bowmen U14 2019
  • I took part in multiple competitions throughout 2016/17 and then in 2018 I decided to switch to recurve sighted and I love it.
  • Youth Festival 2019 recurve cub mixed team Bronze
  • Youth Festival 2019 recurve cub women’s team Silver