Matt Webb

Matt_webbHow long have you been shooting?
I have been shooting for 24 years.

What discipline do you shoot?
I have mainly shot target archery and have done field and clout.

What got you into archery?
During my teenage years I was into everything and had an oppitunity to go to a adventure camp with my school. I had the joys of trying canoeing, climbing, quad bikes and archery. My father felt all the other sports other than archery would be expensive he was so wrong. From doing that it still took another two years before I found a club and actually started archery.

What do you enjoy about shooting?
When I started it was about the competitions and winning so within a year of shooting I started to get coaching from Iris Major to take things on further. Whilst I have not achieved all my goals I do enjoy helping and coaching others. Due to my dedication I have always used other sports to further my archery whether it be circuit training, running and weight training to name a few.

What bow style do you shoot?
I have mainly shot recurve for the 24 years but I have shot compound and barebow as well. 

How often do you shoot?
Since the birth of my son I try to shoot as much as I can with my best weeks being 200-300 arrows that week. I do reversals to pick up the slack and have had to drop poundage due to the lack of practice. At my best I would shoot 300 arrows a day and that would for been most days.