Imogen Newby

How did you first get involved in your sport?

I got into archery when my grandma and grandpa took me and my family to a classic car show in Brightlingsea. After being persuaded by my Dad to have a go at a Phoenix archery club stand and in his word’s I came off with the biggest smile on my face he had ever seen and my archery career started.

What are your long-term targets?

My main long term target is to represent my country and win a gold medal in the 2024 Olympics. To do this means the world to me. I would also love to represent my country in other big competitions.

What do you do in your free time?

Because of all the training I do I don’t get much free time. But when I do get some free time I love to read, colour, a little bit of photography, watch films and be with my family.

My achievements

England Caps 3
Essex County Caps 4

Archery GB Youth Festival Cadet (U17) Mixed Team Champion
Archery GB Youth Festival Cadet (U17) Individual Women 5th
England Home Nations Junior Team – Gold – (3 caps, 3 wins)
Junior National U16 Ladies Metric Recurve Champion Metric III (1328)
Junior National U16 Ladies Imperial Bristol III Silver (1258)
Essex Indoor U14 Recurve Champion
Essex Outdoor U14 Recurve Champion
National Records – Metric 4 1391, Metric 3 1363, Long Metric 4 678, 40m 122cm 341, 30m 122cm 353, 20m 80cm 354,

imy26th place at the Senior Indoor National Recurve Championships 2017
Junior National Recurve U14 Ladies Champion
Youth Festival Individual Ladies Cub Champion
Youth Festival Mixed Team Champion
SCAS Metric III Champion
UK Ladies U14 Recurve Metric IV Champion
UK Ladies U14 Recurve Bristol IV Champion
Nation Record 10m 80cm (360, 22 X’s)
Essex County Record Claimed Metric IV, Bristol IV, 40m 122cm, 20m 80cm, 10m 80cm
Essex Bristol IV Champion
Essex County Record Metric IV, 122cm 40m, 30, 80cm 10m
SCAS Ladies U12 Imperial Recurve Champion

How long have you been shooting?

I have been shooting since October 2012 but started in August just after the London Olympic Games.

How often do you shoot?

I train for approx. 20 hours a week I shoot at least 4 times a week on blank boss and target faces. I also do pre-hab, strength and core and physio work out 3 times a week.