Philippa Lowe

How did you start Archery?

I started shooting aged 15 when I was talent-spotted by my local club on an open day at school where we tried lots of different sports. I signed up to the beginner’s course at Meriden and quickly achieved JMB and broke the British record for the American round in my second year of shooting. I met my husband at Meriden and we have been heavily involved in archery for the past 30 years which is scary. I helped both my children shoot to the national level too.

What discipline do you shoot?

I shot recurve for many years. The last few years I have been shooting compound due to injury but would love to compete with my recurve again, maybe on the indoor circuit. 

What are your proudest achievements?

Representing England on many occasions. Finishing in 5th place in the selection shoot for the Beijing Olympics. Acheiving GMB in my first year that I switched to compound. Achieving a place on the GB development squads with both recurve and compound. Became part of the Island Games in Gotland as coach for Team Jersey in 2017.. More recently achieving my County Coach qualification and recently setting up my own coaching squad. 

What are your current goals?

I have acheived many of them but I aspire to be the best coach that I can …. and shoot my recurve well next indoor season.

What do you enjoy most from archery?
Friendship, fun, meeting new people and helping others gain as much pleasure from the sport that I have been lucky enough to enjoy. There are always new challenges and chances to learn and grow as both an archer and a person. Oh – and winning!!  🙂