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Mental Management Seminar

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Mental Management in conjunction with Aim4sport Ltd are proud to present

Mastering the Mental Game with Mental Management

Presented by Lanny Bassham - (International Rifle Shooting Olympic Gold Medallist)

Taking place on 4th and 5th April 2020.

Its been over 8 years since Lanny has graced the UK and the seminar aims to better than ever.  We are giving you the opportunity to take on board one of the most successful mental management programs in use today.  Not only covering Shooting, whether shotgun, Full Bore, Small Bore, Archery, Golf, Tennis to name but a few of the sports that have benefited from the Mental Management Lectures and course material.

WIM imageIs this for you ?  well the seminar is aimed at :-

  • “For competitors who would love to have the same kind of mental control under pressure  that Olympic medallists have.”
  • "Have you always dreamed of being calm and confident in competition but feel frustrated by competition results being below your potential?”
  • “Imagine having a de-fined step by step process to reach your goals without feeling overwhelmed.”
  • “Learn a proven ten-step process to reach your goals now.”
  • “It’s time to learn the Mental Management System so that you can have an error free mental game.”

I am sure that you have found yourself in One of the following situations:-

  • Do you currently attend competitions? If you answered yes, then what you’re
  • about to read is going to sound WAY too familiar.
  • You have spent hundreds of hours on developing your skill.
  • You are tired of losing and not getting the results you desire.
    You want to move up on the leader board and start winning.
  • So you continue to spend countless hours to improve your form hoping that will solve your issue… but despite how hard you try, your tournament results do not improve enough for you to reach your goals.


What You Will Learn ?

  •  Beating the Pressure of Competition
  •  The Foundation of Mental Management
  • How to Use Pressure to Your Advantage
  • The Truth About Pressure
  • Why 95% of Winning is Accomplished by only 5% of the Participants
  • Making Training More Effective
  • How to Maximize Your Time in Preparation
  • How to Use Proven Training Techniques Used By Champions
  • How to Build an Effective Mental System
  • How to Avoid Burn Out by Following Training Guidelines and Planning Your Year
  • Getting Your Goals
  • Unpacking the Mental Management Goal Setting System
  •  How to Set the Right Goal
  •  How to Improve the Probability You Reach the Goals You Set
  •  How to Overcome Obstacles that Arise as you Head to your Goal
  • Build Your Self-Image
  • Learn why Self-Image in the Difference Between Good and Great
  • How To Eliminate Fear, Over-Trying and Over-Thinking
  • How to Change Your Self-Image
  • How to Protect Your Self-Image in a Negative Situation


Loughborough University, Charnwood, Leicestershire LE11 3TU


Is booked at your own discretion.

Please note that Aim4sport Ltd or any associated company's are not responsible for any bookings that are made between you and the hotel.  All bookings are made at your own risk.  We would recommend that flexible rooms are booked in all instances.


You will receive 2 day seminar which cover all of the points listed above.  Refreshments and a working lunch is provided.  Current charges for this type of seminar would normally be £575, however we are offering you the chance to attend for a total cost of £399. A full 30% discount on this fantastic opportunity.

To reserve your place on the seminar we are please book in using the link below.  Your place will be reserved for a booking fee of £50 per person.  We will be contacting you in due course to cover the balance for the places you book directly by email.

Payment will be made through PayPal only.  However, you do not need a PayPal account to use the system.  You will be able to pay via debit or credit card.  Just following the links and you will be able to complete the deposit.



Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy runs as follows:-

By agreeing to attend the course the following will apply.
If you have to cancel your place within the timescales listed below, course payment will be required:-

Up to 12 weeks before the start of the course – 100% refunded, - Nothing Payable.
Up to 10 weeks before the start of the course – 50% refunded - 50% Payable.
Less than 8 weeks before the start of the course – 0% refunded - 100% Payable.

Special Applications to Rifle Workshop 

Extra workshop - Saturday 4th April  6 - 8.30pm

This work shop is especially set aside for shooters that are looking for sports specific help within shotgun, or rifle application.  This has been especially put together by Lanny and Troy for this seminar.

There is a cap of 80 people for this workshop and is on a strict first come first served basis.


The cost of this workshop is £75 and will be held at he same venue at Loughborough university.  Please see the cancellation policy above as required.

To reserve your place on the work we are please book in using the link below.  Your place will be reserved for a booking fee of £50 per person.  We will be contacting you in due course to cover the balance for the places you book directly by email.


Lets give you some background on the Seminar Presenters:-

Lanny Bassham

LannyThe founder of Mental Management Systems. In 1972, at the Munich Germany Olympic Games, Lanny Bassham failed in his attempt to win the Gold Medal in International Rifle Shooting. He had a mental failure resulting in his taking the Silver instead. Frustrated, Lanny wanted to take a course in controlling the mind under pressure. After looking for such a seminar and not finding satisfaction, Bassham began to interview Olympic Gold Medallists to discover what they were doing differently to win. What he discovered was truly remarkable. Bassham created a system of mental control he called Mental Management®. Within the next 6 years, Lanny Bassham dominated his sport, winning 22 world individual and team titles, setting 4 world records and winning the coveted Olympic Gold Medal in Montreal in 1976.For the past 42 years, Lanny has been teaching Mental Management® to Olympians, business owners, Fortune 500 Corporations and the elite of sport and business community. His clients include PGA tour players, World and Olympic champions, Fortune 500 companies, The United States Secret Service, The US Navy SEALS, The United States Army and Marine Corps Marksmanship Units, and Olympic teams of USA, Great Britain, Canada, India, Japan, Republic of China,  Korea and Australia. He is the author of With Winning in Mind, Freedom Flight, Parenting Champions, Mental Management for Shooting Sports, Winning Golf, Winning Sporting Clays and Winning Skeet.


Troy Bassham

Senior Master Instructor, Troy has been teaching Mental Management since 1995 and troyhas been working with competitive golfers since 2004.  His main focus is helping players develop mental consistency during play, perform under pressure, build self-image of a winner, and training principles that focus on developing the mind and body at the same time.  Troy has worked with hundreds of junior athletes with their mental game developing dozens of National Champions. Today Troy works with players on the PGA Tour and Olympic Athletes. Troy used Mental Management himself to win 12 USA National Rifle Championships, set four National Records and became the CISM World Champion. He is the author of Attainment, Fore The Mind, The Truth and Myth About Target Panic, and Mastering the Mental Game of Archery.


But don't take their word for it.  Lets ask some of the professional sports personalities that have benefited from the Mental management program:-


Todd+Bender+2012+Open+Skeet+vPQNRzEljXJl “When I need to sharpen my mental skills there is only one man on the planet that I go to, Mr. Lanny Bassham. I am certain that if you follow the plan laid out before you in these lessons to follow that your game and your daily life will reach new heights, as has mine.” Todd Bender - World Champion Skeet - Image Source: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images North America) Todd Bender - Clay Pigeon Shooting
Fred Funk - Golf “If you want to find the missing ingredient for the mental game of golf, see Lanny.” Fred Funk - Nine-Time PGA Winner Image Supplied by Matt Muskovac Mattman944 - Own work Fred_Funk_Portrait_2006
tim g “Mental Management Systems help me turn my practice scores into tournament wins. By developing a personalized shot process I now focus on every shot every time.” - Tim Grapentien Professional Archer Tim Grapentien - Archery
Brady Ellison - Archery “Mental Management made me more than just the number one archer in the world. It made me a better and stronger person off the field in my day to day life.” Brady Ellison - World Champion Archer brady
“The difference between Lanny Bassham and sports psychologists is that he has been there and done that. It is a huge difference to have someone who has experienced the same pressures that we feel teaching you.” - Jerry Kelly PGA Tour Player
Ben Crane PGA Tour Player “Mental Management has been a driving force behind improving my speed of play. They have helped me develop a consistent mental program that is helping me reach my potential as a player.  This isn’t sports psychology.  This is achieving mental consistency in an inconsistent sport.” –
“At the Performax Golf Academy we have produced winners on all golf tours including the PGA, LPGA, the Austral-Asian tour, the TightLies tour, and every Junior tour in the country. We believe in a holistic approach to improving our students. We teach our players the mental, technical, physical, and tactical approaches to improving their game. Our students have improved tremendously due the Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management System. This system is taught from people that have dominated their sport and has come from years of experience. In using this system our players have found that this system is effective in winning, as well as easy to learn and adapt to their sport. If you are not using the Mental Management System to improving your life and achieving your goals, I strongly recommend you purchase some of their products as well as attend a seminar to learn more.” — CJ Goecks, Performax Golf Academy, Lewisville, TX
Eun-chul Lee "Everything I learned about the mental side I learned from him. In 1980 I was just a small time shooter and my score just stuck in that 1140 (range), it wouldn't go up. Every year my score had been going up by ten points, but for some reason, it got stuck in the 1140s, and it wouldn't go up anymore. So I thought there was something wrong with me or my methods. But after six months of working with Mr. Lanny Bassham, my score just jumped up to the 1160s. Everything that I learned, my skills didn't change – my position didn't change; nothing changed except what I thought. Before, 1140, I thought it was a high score. When I went to Mr. Bassham. He told me about the 1180s. He said, now its time to shoot in the1180s. Otherwise, you won't be able to win at all. And he keeps on giving me positive images, and that's when my scores just went up so high." – Eun-chul Lee, Olympic Gold Medalist 50m Rifle, World Champion
“I was World Champion and world record holder in the 300 meter standard rifle event (1974) when I first heard about Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management course. I was anxious to repeat my win and increase my world record at the next World Shooting Championships to be held in Seoul, Korea in 1978. I was putting it all on the line. I had quit my job in aerospace to practice full-time and prepare for that event and then planned to stick it out for the 1980 Olympic Team tryouts. I was getting help from the Army Reserve International Team, but I needed insurance. That insurance (besides a fine backup rifle): the mental edge that would let my improving practice scores translate to a winning Championship score. Those principles of mental management, positive reinforcement, mental rehearsal, the mental program, visualization, positive expectations, these and other mental skills passed on to me by Lanny in 1977 … all gave me that strong “mental tool box”, empowering me to walk around all the other competitors in my event. That was in addition to improving my scores! The feeling of successfully defending my World Championship and increasing my world record that day in October of 1978 is hard to describe. Lanny, I cannot thank you enough! I find that these mental skills and techniques have not just benefited me in the shooting sports. I can see their power in all the sports I have observed, as well as in my daily life. In daily life, having positive expectations and positive ways to look at “temporary setbacks” (not failures) in your life, the importance of goal setting; in helping younger athletes look at their performances in a positive way thereby making it easier for them to progress to the next level, these are among the numerous carryovers from Lanny’s course.” —David Kimes, World Champion + World Record Holder- 1974, 1978, Olympic Team, 1980 David Kimes