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Lexie Carrie

What got you into shooting

Having done an archery session on holiday in Egypt I found I really enjoyed it. I kept going about having a bow to shoot with in the garden, my parents weren’t too keen with that so I was given an Archery GB  beginners course for Christmas at a local club. Having completed the beginners course in January I joined the club (Bowmen Of Burleigh) in April 2018. I took part in several competitions over the 2018 summer and picked up individual and team medals at all of them.

What are you goals and ambitions?

  • Obtaining my Junior Master Bowman rating in 2020
  • To continue to grow with my coaching and after NTDP / ATC 2019-2020 I hope to be invited for profiling at Lilleshall again.
  • Shooting my first 500 Portsmouth over the winter
  • Putting my coaching in to practice and continually improving my technique and building my strength.
  • Shoot on the Orangery level in a final at YouthFest.
  • Continue to enjoy the sport

What was your best archery achievement?

  • Shooting a 6 gold end at my first major outdoor competition
  • Achieving Bowman rating in my first full year
  • Shooting 50m for the first time on a Thursday then travelling to Lilleshall for profiling and YouthFest at the weekend going on to help my team win bronze at the mixed team cub match
  • Being invited to Profiling with Archery GB at Lilleshall in my first full year of shooting
  • Being sponsored with Aim4Sport after 18 months of starting Archery

Do you do anything outside of Archery?

I play netball for my local club

I play Netball for the school team

Dancing, I have been doing Ballet since I was 4 and have been doing Modern and Tap since I was 6.

What’s the best part of archery for you ?

I’ve made some great friends through archery, I love competing and pushing myself to improve.  I really enjoy travelling up to Aim4Sport for my coaching, NTDP and ATC.

What are you current achievement’s.

Achieving a 6 gold end in my first outdoor competition

Berkshire Indoor U12 female champion 2018

Berkshire Outdoor U12 female champion 2019

Berkshire Outdoor recurve team 2nd place

Invited to profiling at Lilleshall as part of NTDP

YouthFest 2019 Cubs mixed team 3rd place

What do you enjoy the most about being a sportsperson?

Being focused and driven I like to see the positive results of the effort myself and my coach have put in.

Being a sportsperson helps me build my resilience and enables me to take learnings from all the events I do.

It helps me keep myt body and mind in a good condition.

What is your current training program (Arrows a day, gym sessions etc etc.)

I shoot as much as I can, over thes ummer this was Monday/Tuesday and Thursday, plus completions most weekends, I averaged around 500 arrows a week with the highest being just over 1000.

In the winter the club shooting is on a Sunday, however I shoot in to a boss in the garage 3-4 times a week aiming for 400-500 a week

I have PE at school 3 hrs a week, dancing 1hr a week, netball at least 1-2hrs a week plus my strength and conditioning which I do at my local gym