Harriet Crook

What got you into shooting?

I started wanting to do archery when I bought a plastic bow and arrow set from Poundland at Brownie camp. After wanting a bigger archery set my parents gave me the beginners course for my ninth birthday.

What are your ambitions?

My long term goal is to compete in the 2028 Olympics. I would also like to represent GB as a cadet and junior at other international competitions.

What do you do outside of archery?

When I’m not shooting or doing schoolwork I enjoy music. I do clarinet, piano and singing lessons as well as singing in the youth county choir.

How often do you shoot?

I try to shoot 5 times and about 500 arrows a week. I also do strength and conditioning and reversals twice a week each.

Key achievements

  • Junior Nationals Metric and Bristol U12 champion (2018)
  • Junior Nationals Bristol U14 Bronze (2019)
  • Youth Festival Cub team Gold (2019)
  • Youth Festival Cub Individual Bronze Medal match (2019)
  • National Junior Key Event 2 Cub Teams silver (2019)
  • National Junior Key Event 2 Cub Individual Bronze (2019)
  • GWAS Regional U14 and junior lady overall champion (2019)
  • Somerset County U14 and junior lady overall champion (2019)
  • Getting selected for the National Age Group Academy (2019)