Bow Set Up and Repairs

The shopping within aim4sport like most shops and stores has changed a little. So, wanted to give you a heads up of what to expect when you come into the store.

When you enter the store we have set up a one-way system so follow the arrows and floor markings.

If you require an appointment to set up or repair any equipment please follow the notes below.

Due to the set up of the shop, please bear with the staff members we will be working as quickly as we can. Your best interests are always paramount.

If you have any questions before you arrive at the training centre please feel free to email or call us.

As the questions come in we can add the most asked in the FAQ’s at the bottom of the page

Bow Set-Ups

Bow set up’s will need to be booked in. I have listed a range of information that I would like you to read before you book your session.

  • If you are unwell, please can we ask, you postpone your visit until you feel better.
  • Please do not turn up to the training centre for a bow set up without first making an appointment.  You will only be able to book your appointment if you do this……
  • When you arrive can you please make sure you have a face mask with you. If you don’t have one we can supply one to you. It will be mandatory to wear a mask for these sessions.
  • The staff member helping you will be masked and gloved up.
  • Please bring your own string to use on the recurve setup.
  • If you do not have a string that will suit you, we can supply one for you, however, you will have to purchase the string used for hygiene reasons.
  • All the handles will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after the set-up session, and at the end of the day.
  • We will make up your arrows for you in the usual way and can measure them whilst keeping the social distancing requirements.
  • We will do our best to make up the arrows for you at the session, however, this may not be possible so we will produce the arrows for you as soon as possible and either you can collect them or we can post them on.
  • There will be no compound bow testing until further notice.
  • Due to the current climate, no tea and coffee are available during this time.
  • If the archer is a junior, please note that one adult member of the immediate family that has been in isolation with the junior can attend the bow setup.


  • A bow or any other equipment that is dropped off for repair will be held in Quarantine for 72 hours before work is carried out, as per the current government guidelines.
  • You do not need to book an appointment to drop off any equipment to be repaired.
  • Please factor this into the repair time.
  • All goods will need to be dropped off at our back door.
  • When you turn up please follow the delivery’s directions.
  • We will endeavour to repair your equipment as soon as possible.


We will be adding to the Question and Answer list as we go so please can I ask you to check back to this page regularly.

Q. What are your opening times? Are they the same as before lock-down?

A. Yes, there are changes regarding the Opening and Closing times for more info Click Here …….