Aim4sport Training Centre

Archery Training Centre

Aim4sport an exciting training facility which we would like to open up to the coaches in and around the region. These facilities are designed to be used by coaches and archers on a regular basis.


When is the training centre open?

Monday to Thursday 10am to 9pm (last orders at 8:45pm)
Friday 10am to 6pm (last orders at 5:45pm)
Saturday 9am to 5pm (last orders at 4:45pm)

Sessions can be booked in advance so the coach has the option to set up a regular training sessions with his/her archers. Training and coaching does not always run hand in hand with the club shooting nights. We are offering something that will allow the coach allot more freedom to bring on the archers that they are coaching.

How do I book?

Bookings can be made in advance for one-off sessions or a more regular booking can be set up so not to disrupt normal club life. They can be for as little as 90 min’s or for the whole evening. You can call the centre on 01767-699991 or email for more information.

What facilities are available?

The short range training facility holds 6 foam 130cm bosses This area is great for close up technical training covering all types of posture and alignment to release and timing. The area can solely be used for a club session (up to 12 archers), can be split with another coach (Max 6 archer per coach). Our 20 yard/18 metre indoor range holds 5 130cm foam bosses and with a 90 metre/100 yard outdoor range we have a shooting solution that will meet all of your archers needs.

Tell me about the camera system…

We are proud to announce that we have a fantastic video playback system available to all coaches and archers. The system allows 4 simultaneous views of the same shot, at the same time (front, back, behind the archer, and above the archer). The video footage can them be taken into Dartfish analyses software. Dartfish Pro-Suite is a very effective and complete video analysis software package, which includes all necessary functionality to analyse technical performance during and after training. This unique video system will allow the coaches to see the archers shot in a whole new way which we feel will help the coach improve the archer going forward. The archer will be able to take a copy of the footage away with them after the session so they have an on-going visual record.

Posture and Alignment mirrors (To follow Shortly)

It can be challenging for the archer to see exactly what is required to improve their shot. With the full length posture and alignment mirrors this issue will be a thing of the past. Archers can practice the “Drills and Skills” to improve their technique whilst you can work with another archer. As used at the Archery GB Pod.

I hear you have a repair workshop?

If during your training session you find that something is not quite right with the archer’s equipment and you feel that it would require some adjustment, we have a workshop which will deal with any changes the coach sees fit. We have 2 compound presses, arrow cutting facilities and a wide range of spares. Our trained team of coaches will be only too happy to help with any changes to the archers equipment that you see fit.

How can this work for the club coach?

We know the challenges of trying to run a regular coaching sessions on a club night, wanting to work on an archers shot cycle and the club archers just wanting to shoot. This can cause problems, so we hope this will be able to offer a suitable alternative that cover most of the issues you will face as a coach. This gives the coach the opportunity to work with as many of the archers as he wants (sizes range from 2 archers to a max of 12.) if you have a team of coaches then even better. With the camera setup, workshop available, indoor shooting facilities all under one roof.

For more information, please call us on 01767-699991 or email us at