Adam Trott

How long have you been shooting?

I started shooting in October 2010 at the age of 12, and have never looked back since.


What got you into shooting?

I was never your stereotypical ‘sporty’ child growing up, and I then discovered archery by pure luck. I attended a festival in the middle of a field in West Wales and took part in a ‘Have-a-Go’ event that a local club was running there. After shooting 3 arrows (and getting a respectable score I might add), I was hooked! As a sport that not only relies upon physical strength, but mental strength also, I fell in love with archery!


What was your best archery achievement?

My best achievement within archery occurred in 2017 when I was elected President of my university’s archery club. Earning this position meant that I was able to give back to the sport I love and foster a club that went on to be the fifth largest in the university, with 160 fully-paid members. Also during 2017, I qualified as an Archery GB Level 1 Coach to help with coaching the newer members of my club, and more recently in October 2019 I qualified as an Archery GB Youth Judge, achieving a mark of 92% on the written exam.


What do you do anything outside of archery?

Outside of archery you will find me attending lectures on financial reporting and giving advanced tax advice; I’m a BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry undergraduate at the University of Liverpool (for my sins…)


Outside of my studies, I enjoy nothing more than spending time with friends, going out for food and visiting the cinema or theatre as much as I possibly can. In summary, I enjoy spending money that I don’t necessarily have.


What’s the best part of archery for you?

For me, the best part of archery is its inclusivity – no matter who you are, archery could be the sport for you. Whether you want to only shoot at club level for fun, or intend on competing as much as possible and shooting at a high level, this sport offers something for everyone. What I especially love about this sport is how suffering from a disability doesn’t necessarily stop you from succeeding, and even those with severe disabilities can make it all t72544918_2167300096907701_5860260851352600576_nhe way to the top and represent Team GB at World Archery events, or indeed the Paralympics.


What bow style do you shoot?

I swapped from recurve to compound at the start of 2016 due to injury, however still enjoy getting my recurve out for the odd indoor round!


What do you enjoy the most about being a sportsperson?

The thing I enjoy most about being a sportsperson, especially within archery, is the camaraderie amongst athletes. 99% of people within this sport are always welcoming and enjoy helping others who may need some assistance or advice. One memory that springs to mind for me was when I was shooting at a national-level event and part of my equipment broke. Someone who I knew, who was also shooting in the same category as me, immediately stepped in to help me with my equipment issue. In essence, archers are a friendly bunch who will do anything to help each other out (including providing you with snacks, if you make friends with the right people!)