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Build your confidence in archery (or any other hobby)

Whether you're just starting out, or you're aiming high (pun intended), confidence is a big part of success in archery. Here are some top tips on building your confidence and enjoying the process.

Making the correct form a natural and easy set of movements comes from practicing as often as you can.

The more you know about the theory of archery the more you'll feel confident about what you're doing

Small manageable improvements
Setting small manageable targets (written ones not 🎯 ones lol) is a great way to build confidence and help motivate you eg. get on the range at least once a week or read and archery book once a month.

Focus on what you can control
How fast do you improve will depend on a wide range of factors, so focusing on what you can control will help your confidence. You can't always control your score or how well you shoot. You can control how much time you give to archery and staying on track.

Challenge yourself
Taking yourself slightly outside of your comfort zone will help broaden your experience and give you more confidence when you succeed. Try a competition, a different bow, a coaching session or a different type of shooting round.

Whatever you decide to improve, remember archery is supposed to be fun and a great way to escape from the stresses of work etc. If you need advice or tips, there's lots of information on our website and our Facebook page.

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