Hoyt HPX Review

Hoyt HPX

Junior GB international Jacob Vick

The Hoyt HPX Riser is one of Hoyt’s latest bows with the all new floating limb bolt system which gives better contact with the limb. The phrase that I would use to sum it up is that it looks and feels good. I tested this riser in the shop’s indoor range shooting 20 yards.

There are many good points about the riser like the speed, lightness, hand position, smooth draw and the sweet sound when shot. Within the first end of shooting the riser I thought “you can feel the speed through the riser”, so this gave me a sense of confidence in shooting it. When I first picked it up, I commented and said how light it was compared to the Hoyt GMX. The stats for the weight of the 25 inch HPX riser is 2.7lbs compared to the GMX which is 2.9lbs.

I thought this would suit a smaller and shorter person because it would be easier for them to handle. Half way through the testing I was thinking about the hand position and said to myself the grip puts your hand in the right place and feels comfortable when holding the bow. On my first shot of testing this riser I thought it had a smooth draw, Dave said he had put 36lbs limbs on to the riser, but it felt more like 32lbs so I could have shot it all day. This smoothness is due to the floating limb bolts having more contact with the limbs, this would lead to greater consistency. The next big point is that is sounds really sweet, I was shooting it as an un-tuned bow with my ACE arrows that I usually shoot with my GMX, the sound is one of the things that made it a pleasure to shoot.  All in all, this riser you can shoot straight out of the box, it was not tuned to me or my arrows, I still shot them all in the gold!

There are some negatives about the riser that I was not sure on: the window is too small on the 25 inch riser, too light, not international limb fitting and not good as a first bow. The first thing that disappointed me was that when I was shooting 20 yards my sight was almost at the top of the sight block, so this meant I was aiming on the top of the window.

So Dave and I both suggested if you are tall person it might be worth looking at the 27 inch riser. The next big negative is personal preference because I prefer a heavier bow and the HPX tested is too light so you may get pushed around in the wind. The main disappointment with this riser is that it doesn’t have the advantage of having international limb fitting so you have to buy the specific Hoyt limbs for that riser whereas I prefer to shoot a Hoyt riser and Win and Win limbs. The last thing is that it would not suit a beginner because it is very hard to tame the bow.

To conclude, this riser I would consider buying because it looks good and feels comfortable in the hand but the only thing I would have to do is add some additional mass weight so it would sit in the X 10 ring. But all in all, it has to be the best riser that I have tested.

Overall rating 8/10