Aim4sport Record Status Vegas and Portsmouth Competition 2016


Aim4sport record status Vegas & Portsmouth competition 2016

Aim4sport record status Vegas and Portsmouth is now holding its 4th annual event, and hopefully is now on your shooting calendar. We have 2 rounds again this year. The Saturday Aim4sport Record Status Vegas. The Sunday Portsmouth is not record status.


2016 Target List


Results Sheet – Vegas 2016

Results Sheet – Portsmouth 2016


Vegas – 22nd October & Portsmouth –  23rd October 2015


Princess Helena College, Preston, Hitchin, Herts SG4 7RT

Please click on Google Maps for the location, address etc..

We will have all of the usual attractions, Mobile shop.


Good arrange of food and drink available throughout the day.

  • Bacon rolls – £2.50

  • Sausage Roll – £2.50

  • Cheese, Ham, Egg, Sandwiches – £1.50

  • Tea, Coffee – £0.50p per cup

  • Cold Drink – Coke, Pepsi, DC, Pepsi Max etc – £0.65p per can

  • Chocolate Bars & Crisps – £0.60 each


Saturday – Aim4sport Record Status Vegas – 3 sessions available sighter’s at – 9.30am – 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Sunday – Aim4sport Portsmouth – 3 sessions available sighter’s at – 9.30am – 12.30pm – 3.30pm
Juniors are split into 2 age categories: 8–13yrs / 14–18yrs

Entry Fee: Vegas – £10 (per session)

Portsmouth – £9 (per session)

(Closing Date: 9th October, £2 extra will be payable for late entries.)


Saturday Vegas – Brian Dunlop, Tracey Jackson,
Sunday Portsmouth – Brian Dunlop, Tracey Jackson,

Lady P:


via PayPal only. You can pay through Paypal with a debit or credit card. YOU DO NOT need a Paypal Account.

Please note till further notice you will only be able to book up one person at a time. We are working on repairing the issue


All archers MUST sign the entry form to show compliance to ALL conditions. AGB dress regulations will apply both days. AGB cards must be available when checking in GNAS rules apply to all categories. Arrows are to be shot in ends of three. Rule 304 will be strictly enforced, if in doubt please check with the organiser.

Drug Testing:

In accordance with Record Status conditions all participants will be liable for drug testing and competitors approached to give samples must comply: a refusal will be treated as a positive result. Entries for Juniors MUST be countersigned on the Entry Form by a parent or guardian to acknowledge their consent to this procedure.

Junior Permission form can be downloaded from here. This form will need to be produced on the day of the shoot upon signing in. if you do not provide this document it could affect the opportunity of the junior to shoot.


Vegas – Session 1 – 8 Spaces left

Vegas – Session 2 – 7 Spaces left

Vegas – Session 3 – 3 Spaces left


Portsmouth – Session 1 – 12 Spaces left

Portsmouth – Session 2 – Session Full

Portsmouth – Session 3 – Session Full


book now

Please note till further notice you will only be able to book up one person at a time.

All Foam based bosses will be used for the shoot…


*Any archer (8yrs and over) who is a fully paid member of an archery club (or independent) can submit their entry for the Portsmouth shoot – archer’s name and relevant contact details, archery number, club details, bow type etc must all be submitted at the time of entry.However, acceptance of the entry is at the full discretion of Aim4sport

The Permission form will need to be produced on the day of the competition, completed in full and signed by parent/guardian. Failure to produce the completed form will mean the jnr will not be able to shoot..

Archers wishing to shoot “outside of their age range” (ranges specified on the entry form) should please take note of the following:

• If an archer wishes to shoot an “older age-range round” there are specific rules relating to the issuing of medals and trophies:

  • Archers 8-13yrs entered in the 14-18yrs age category will be entered as if they were 14-18yrs old.
  • Archers 14-18yrs entered in the “adult” Portsmouth round will be entered as if they were an adult (18yrs and over).
  • If an Archer choose to enter a “younger age-range round” he/she will not be eligible for a medal or trophy for that round.

Entry fee, withdrawals, refunds, replacements

  • As per Archery GB accepted National Standards: no refund will be given to an archer who withdraws his/her entry after the closing date (unless there are mitigating circumstances).
  • An archer withdrawing from the shoot has the right to submit the name of an alternate archer to take his/her place^.
  • If the archer withdraws when the shoot is full and/or it is after the closing date, the alternate archer’s name must be submitted in the same email/letter as the cancellation – otherwise the position will be immediately offered to another archer (if there is a waiting list).
  • If an archer withdraws and submits the name of an alternate archer, it is the responsibility of those two archers to resolve the entry fee issue between themselves.
  • All withdrawals / cancellations must be submitted in writing/email by Thursday 8th November to the tournaments organiser using the email address on the entry form.
  • Archers who do not turn up on the day of the shoot and who have not submitted their written withdrawal will not be entitled to a refund (unless there are mitigating circumstances).
  • Acceptance into the competition is at the discretion of the Aim4sport organising committee and the club reserves the right to refuse entry.


To Photographers: Photography during the day of the competition is permitted only if the archer, or person taking the photographs, submits their name and contact details before the shoot, and/or completes the “photography register” on the day of the shoot.

To Archers: Please be aware that photographs may be taken during the day (photographers will be registered) – if you have any issues with this, please speak to the tournament organiser on the day OR directly to the photographer to ensure that any issues can be avoided and/or resolved.


All people attending the tournament (archers, spectators etc) will be expected to behave correctly throughout the duration of the shoot.We, as a club, encourage a friendly atmosphere and do our best to ensure everybody (archers and spectators) enjoys their day.Laughter, encouragement and even some friendly rivalry is to be expected but we will not accept bullying, mocking, intimidation or abusive language aimed at anyone.


To ensure that the competition results process goes as smoothly as possible, please ensure that your score card is clearly legible, that the totals are written correctly (and double-checked) before signing – and that both the archer and the scorer have signed the score sheet.If these are not done, it will only cause added delays.Scores will be collated at the end of the shoot and the Provisional Results will be read out – please note that due to time restrictions the accuracy of the provisional results may not be 100%.We do our best to try to ensure that they are as accurate as possible, but this is not always possible.During the week after the event, all scores will be double-checked and the FINAL results will then be issued (usually around a week-or-so after the shoot).

We do not give back your score cards so if you wish to keep a copy for your own records, please keep track of your score during the shoot.If, however, you were unable to keep track during the shoot, you can request a copy to be emailed to you after the results have been issued.