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Fat v Thin, ‘O’ what to shoot indoors.

Fat v Thin, ‘O’ what to shoot indoors. This is another great topic to put out there which is as old as the hills and has been around since the dawn of time.  Do you change your set up to shoot large diameter arrows indoors, or do you stay with your outdoor set up and…
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Equipment V’s Coaching

Equipment V’s Coaching It’s coming up to that time of year where all of the archery gods (well manufacturers anyway) reinvent the wheel and bring out that must have long rod, that new handle and the new limbs what will all put at least 10 to 20 points on your score.  Archery manufacturers know that…
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New Level 2 Coach Course Announced

New Level 2 Coach Course Announced Aim4sport is arranging a new Level 2 coaching course to start in April 2019. For more details, booking form please click here. For more information if required please call 01767 699991.
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Seminar Tickets On Sale 7pm Monday 1st Oct

Seminar Tickets On Sale 7pm 1/10/18   Yes Tickets for Coach Kim's Seminar go on sale this coming Monday 1st October at 7pm.  Don't miss out as the tickets will be offered on a first come first served basis.  The booking button will be added so just click the "Book Now" button at the button…
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Mentorship Course Now available

Mentorship Course Now available We will be running a UK Coaching Mentorship course on 14th October at the Aim4sport Training Centre.  Its an all day course and CPD points are available.  The course is sports generic and is a great introduction to mentoring. For more information please Click Here
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Find out about Barebow shooting

Our newest Pro team archer Jess explains the ins and outs of Barebow Shooting whilst at the 2016 World field champs in Dublin earlier this year.  
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