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Category Archives: radleytaylor

Aim4Sport Portsmouth&Vegas

Shot at the A4S vegas and portsmouth this weekend, shot 485 on the vegas (didnt have a very good day) and 557 on the portsmouth which was much better.
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indoor season

Just started indoor season, and so have started shooting indoors. Hopping for a 570-580 by the end of the indoor season in practise. Form is feeling and shooting great and now have a clear 10 sized group at 50m.
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Shot in another H2H today, qualification round was shortened to 36 instead of the usual 72. Won all my matches against seniors 6-0 and then lost 6-2 to Jess Nillson. Went to the bronze medal match where I won 6-0, so a very good day for me.
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Talent week sumary

Talent week was great fun this year, This week was organised in the format of an international shoot. The first day consisted of the qualification round(72 arrow round) at 60m for me as I am a cadet.   Next there was the knock out rounds which sadly I was removed from quickly as I was against…
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Talent Profilling Day

Talent assessment day went well, got new S&C programme to do alongside old one. Shooting went well and am prepared for the long week of shooting...
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