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Talent week sumary

Talent week was great fun this year,

This week was organised in the format of an international shoot.

The first day consisted of the qualification round(72 arrow round) at 60m for me as I am a cadet.  

Next there was the knock out rounds which sadly I was removed from quickly as I was against a very strong shooter.

The next day was the mixed teams, I was teamed with Eva Henderson a very consistent and strong shooter, after the round reached 4-4 we went into a shootoff and lost by 1 point.

The final day for me was the team event which is 3 people in a team, it is set the same way as the mixed team except all the same gender and an extra member on the team. The rules are that only one archer may be present on the line at any time, also if an arrow is drawn from the quiver too early a judge can call you off the line which costs precious time as it is only 20secs per arrow.

I enjoy shooting in this international format and Head2Heads and think it is a great experience for all archers.

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