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National series stages 3&4 – Surrey

Surprise  surprise it  was windy all weekend, still not necessarily here for the  scores as  much  for  the  finishing position.

With a 1st and 9th place from Oxford gave me 2nd  place in the series rankings,  I  was certainly looking to maintain that.

The WA 50m  was a tricky 683, but with some reasonable 144  H2H  matches I managed to finish 7th on the Saturday, maintained my  2nd place in the series.

Sunday was a WA1440, this time with the wind came bursts of rain to further test our resolve.  With scores of 324, 345, 341 and 356 total 1366 I managed  to finish 5th, unfortunately  other archers results meant  that I dropped to 3rd place  in the overall series  rankings.

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