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Kettering Fita

Shot the 1st Caswell UKRS Fita on Sunday. What a nice shoot, not too far to travel good location, relaxed shoot and on top of that nice weather.

90m started out well with 337, 1 point short of my p.b.

70m went well and I ended up with 347, again 1 point short of my p.b.

50m I shot 350, 2 points short of my p.b.

30m I equaled my p.b. with 359, just one lapse in concentration and I heeled the bow pushing the shot high.

One day I will get that 360. Never mind, I took another step towards my main goal of 1400, with a new p.b. for a Fita of 1393.

Will be going back there next year.

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