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St George

As we had no competitions on Sunday we decided as a club to shoot a St George. I took the opportunity to try out my new Truball HT4L  hinge type release aid.

The day was reasonably warm with a light wind which was behind the trees anyway.

It started out well with all 9's and ended up with a maximum score for 100 yards. A scoresheet with 3 rows of 12 9's, 12 hits and 12 golds looks very tidy.

80 yards wasn't so good, I got a 7. My own fault really, lost concentration for a split second.

60 yards finished off with a maximum giving me 970/972 and a new county record.

What a nice release aid, thanks to Rebecca Blewett for letting me try her one at the Xmas shoot last year.

Bow is shooting nicely, and feeling better balanced, since I added a couple of weights to the short rods. The ACE's are also going well, not sure if I should change to x10's or not at the moment.

Aside from the archery we had a coffee break after 100y and a picnic after 80y, what a very civilised mornings shooting.

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