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Winter Season

Will be glad to be seeing the back of this winter when the clocks change on the 31st March. I have kept myself busy during this period whilst getting ready for the outdoor season.

The summer of 2012 was strong to start with and then plateaued. I had got over my recent injuries from my bike accented just before the start of the outdoor season. I saw the new battle which was being driven from Mayflower archers with younger minds and clearer heads. The challenge was on and congratulation to those in my club very well shot.

The winter season as mentioned is all about preparation for the outdoors. Since having to work shifts I don't have much holiday left which has to be used sparingly. I continued with my road running which was progressing 17-18 min for 2.3 miles but I still had problems with my back which slowed me down and also  my foot tightening up at times.

I decided back to the gym which I started in August going 3-4 times a week mainly doing cardio. For the first I take on a personal trainer lets see where this takes me. I saw Paul in the beginning of October and after the first 20 min I was ready to be sick have I just found out I am not as fit as I thought. I have always enjoyed a challenge and never had a problem pushing myself. I picked up my reversal bow again and put this all together with my shooting. I got myself doing 1 hour reversals even with added weight from a rubber band 3-4 times a week and I managed to pick up the gym work to 4-5 times a week.

Every month was a new session at the gym pushing my limits even further. I only done two competitions during the 2012 indoor season which lets me know how things are going and if in the right direction. It is 2013 I have lost 1 stone from the gym work and now it is time to start building strength. I continue with the cardio but I incorporate  weights but also a system called TRX which involves lifting my own body weight. With a 25m Fita in January I took some time off from the gym to recover and it paid off 574 and 568. I then had a few issues with equipment after that shooting at the Indoor American it all seemed ok but silly things were happening. Three days later my limbs de-laminated  so changed the 36lb for 38lb then noticed problems with those limbs not being even.

To Continue.........................


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