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January training 2013


Caroline Owen -  Training in January 2013 at Alton & Four Marks

Age:  41

Bow Style:                 Recurve (LH)

Complete Set-up: Riser – Merlin Quazer

           Shibuya:Arrow rest, sight, quick release stabilizer block

            Beiter: pressure button & 8mm sight insert, and tunnel

            Long rods and v bars, on loan from London Archers           

            Cavalier Clicker

            Limbs: Win and Win Inno medium, 40lb @28” & limb savers

            Arrows: Easton ACE 620, Beiter nocks, Elivane P2 Fletch

Accomplishments:       Hampshire county team since 2006,

             England outdoor 2008 & reserve 2009 indoor & outdoor

             Army Archery Association, both Serving & Veteran

(The Army Association Team at the National Indoor 2013)Indoor Nationals Dec 2012

             Gold tassel award, 1200 fita star, MB 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, county records.

              Level 1 Archery Coach

Likes (loves!) :  Archery, Running, Swimming, Knitting, Sewing, doing my best & helping others

Dislikes:   Abuse

Clubs:       Bowmen of Petersfield, Alton & Four Marks, Whitehill Bowmen, Army Archery Association


 .... Happy shooting ......... Caroline 🙂

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