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String Raw Material

All sorts of String Material available to create the winning string.
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452x String Material
67% SK75 Dyneema and 33% Vectran. Half the size of 450 string material. No creep, stable string. 2..
Ex Tax: £39.58
Based on 2 reviews.
8125G Bow String
92% SK75 Dyneema, 8% SK 65. Highest speed, strong and durable with very low creep. Recommended stran..
Ex Tax: £43.13
B50 Dacron String
A basic dacron string for wooden and fibreglass bows...
Ex Tax: £10.64
Fast Flight Plus String Material
Minimal creep, superior strength and durability. 0.015 diameter. ..
Ex Tax: £30.42
Diamondback HMPE/Polyester Center Serving
93 yards of center serving. Black and white. ..
Ex Tax: £14.58
D Loop Material - (Sold Per 12 inches)
Sold by the foot...
Ex Tax: £0.83