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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Matts Update

Congrats to Neil and his 1400+ score and first archer to achieve both magical scores in recurve and compound.   Shooting has been pretty good so far but not always reflected in the scores. I have had a few placings Walsall which I was pleased about the shooting due to weather conditions and coming 4th.…
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L&RCAA Fita Star at Bowmen of Glen

What a day. Sunday 26th May 2013. Sunny with a light wind blowing from left to right. Started out with 342 for 90m and a new County Record. Followed that with 353 for 70m and another new County Record. 50m I could only equal the existing County Record with 352. But 30m I managed my…
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good weather and training hard

Hi, Finally good luck has come around to some decent weather this last week, so have been out training hard. Nice to get good weather and have gone back to basics. It is just lovely to be out in nice weather :)
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Cambridge Fita 4

Shot the Cambridge Fita 4 Last weekend. Saturday morning I shot the merlin 4 release aid and scored a reasonable 689 Saturday afternoon shot the Truball hinge release and scored 688. Sunday morning by body turned up to shoot but my brain didn't, I shot the merlin 4 again and struggled all the way through…
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