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National Series Final

What a blast

Practice all week had been going very well, we arrived at the venue at 10.00am plenty of time to get settled. Practice on the day was nice and relaxed, bit of banter between competitors plenty of laughs.

Then came the first match, nothing can prepare you for this except doing it.  My heart was pounding and I was sweating profusely and my hands were shaking so much I could barely get the arrow on the rest. Not daring to look at the crowd, the screen, my opponent for fear of distraction, I focused solely on the target and going through the shot I knew would put it in the middle.

I managed to make a few reasonable shots and found myself the winner, speaking to Simon afterwards he was in the same state I was.

Time flew by between matches and the semi final was against Adam, pleased with just getting through the first round I managed to relax a bit and  was just looking forward to having 2 more matches in this fantastic atmosphere.

The match started out alright, despite the dodgy 8, and 15 arrows later and a score of 145 I found myself heading into the Final.

The final came and went in a flash, shooting wise I don't remember very much, just trying to stay focused on the gold, the first I noticed of the crowd was a ooohhh when I shot a 9 on the eighth arrow. The final score of 146, my best pass of the day, was enough to beat Simon and win me the title of National Series Champion 2015, and $2000.



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