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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Form Vs Technique

Form Vs Technique When discussing Form Vs Technique, I have been looking at some of the top archers shooting over the past few weeks on YouTube and was astounded at the way the archers were shooting. “Surely they have better technique than that” I was saying over and over again at the screen, yet the…
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National Series Final

What a blast Practice all week had been going very well, we arrived at the venue at 10.00am plenty of time to get settled. Practice on the day was nice and relaxed, bit of banter between competitors plenty of laughs. Then came the first match, nothing can prepare you for this except doing it.  My…
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Warm Up Misconceptions for Archers

All too often when I am either at training or attending competitions I witness many archers, of all different ages, performing little or no warm up whatsoever. This can be very detrimental to performance for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons for this lack of warm up is that I am yet to find…
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To scope or not to scope that is the question.

To scope or not to scope that is the question.   When you enter a competition it can be a little different than when you are shooting at your club. You manage to get your tent up, bow is all together and at that point you look for your target only to see a mountain…
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