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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Beds Double Fita Star

Saturday was a complete write off, pointing at the boss was hard enough let alone at the gold. 90m - 319 70m - 328 50m - 326 30m - 350 1323 in total.   Sunday was a much more a agreeable day with light breeze. 90m - 331 70m - 352 50m - 346 30m…
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Herts County Champs

This years County Champs was a new venue in Hitchin, very much more convenient for me living in Biggleswade. It also turned out to be a very nice venue, lets hope we use it again. The day was hot, sunny with a light breeze, not bad for shooting a York. Total for the day was…
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Beds Fita Fest

Only shot one day of the Fita Fest at Ampthill this year as Sunday clashes with The Herts County Champs. For the qualification round I managed a 685, not great, but got me ranked 8th. The H2H is why I was there to finish off my ranking score for 2013 and I managed a 147…
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